Nov 21, 2022 • 24M

S01.07 Wesley Stace on Dylan's Time Out Of Mind

The Bob Dylan podcast from Freak Music Club. Diving deeply into Dylan's work talking to authors, dylanologists, musicians, fans and more. Our Season One is focused on Time Out Of Mind in celebration of its 25th Anniversary. An extended version of most episodes - usually about twice as long - along with additional bonus episodes, is to paid subscribers (aka Premium Members). (NOTE: We're still moving all older episodes to Substack. They'll all be here soon.)
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Wesley Stace was probably first known to Dylan fans by his stage name, John Wesley Harding - when he delivered great songs and albums from the late 80's through the turn of the century - including 'It Happened One Night', 'Here Comes The Groom', 'Awake' and others. This century he's continued to …

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