Nov 18, 2022 • 31M

S01.06 Ray Padgett (Cover Songs of Dylan's Time Out Of Mind)

The Bob Dylan podcast from Freak Music Club. Diving deeply into Dylan's work talking to authors, dylanologists, musicians, fans and more. Our Season One is focused on Time Out Of Mind in celebration of its 25th Anniversary. An extended version of most episodes - usually about twice as long - along with additional bonus episodes, is to paid subscribers (aka Premium Members). (NOTE: We're still moving all older episodes to Substack. They'll all be here soon.)
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Ray Padgett is an expert on cover songs. He runs the Cover Me website that reviews and discusses all kinds of cover song performances, and published a book called Cover Me that take a deep dive into twenty of the most iconic cover songs in history (including All Along The Watchtower and Make You Feel My Love).

We asked Ray if he would share his knowledge…

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